Craig Francisco

Terry Pageler

"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently what you shouldn’t do at all."

Peter Drucker

Sales Awakening is the epitome of emergence; when separates come together for a greater 1+1=3 whole.

Our founders, Craig and Terry, are specialty-diverse executives who joined forces with shared certainty that old-school, funnel-based thinking is corrupt. 

Not so much corrupt in a criminal sense. More like a hard drive gone bad from a flawed operating system.

Same as all of us, Big Funnel folks learned from 150 years of sales theory stacking. Unfortunately, the compiled stack sits on a history of snake oil, Madison Avenue, and now a trillion-dollar industry that is dependent on mass belief of their funnel-coded fiction.

Nope. Not any longer.

It’s time you see the game-changing growth realities that are hidden in plain sight in your sales data. What to stop doing; where to double down strategically. 

The facts you will see source from extensive purchase pattern study of more than a million B2B buyers. Let Sales Awakening open your eyes to the startling truths and competitive advantage that your business naturally holds but doesn't see.



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